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Construction of Laser Zentrum Nord (Laser Centre North)

construction project: construction of a centre for technology transfer for optical technologies and production engineering; the first construction project is part of the so-called „IBA-Referenzprojekt“ (reference project of the International Building Exhibition IBA), namely the Bergedorf Lock Gardens. This research institution leads the world in studies on laser systems. The reasearch aims at improving the quality of German structural steelwork engineering, at significantly reducing the production times and at enhancing the economic efficiency of structural steelwork production.
location: Am Schleusengraben 14, 21029 Hamburg-Bergedorf
building contractor: Laser Zentrum Nord GmbH, Hamburg
main technical planning: ASSMANN Beraten & Planen GmbH, Hamburg
building services equipment: Planungsgruppe M+M AG, Hamburg
fire prevention: Ing. Büro T. Wackermann, Hamburg
statics: Wetzel & von Seht, Hamburg
open space planning: Hunck+Lorenz, Hamburg
construction / material: halls (RoLAS, ShipLAS, laser generating), administration building: wall elements made of cellular concrete with aluminium curtain facade consisting of standing seam profiled panels; steel framework roof structure, resting on pillars made of FT-concrete (super-fiber concrete), roofing consisting of trapezoidal sheet metal, cladding consisting of standing seam profiled panels like the facade; interior walls of administration building: drywall construction
project photographer: Martin Schlüter, Hamburg
completed: 02/2012

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