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BRT Architekten LLP, Hamburg
Gorch Fock Primary School

construction project: annex construction Gorch Fock Primary School Blankenese. Two parallel initiatives taken by the Hamburg Department of Schools and Vocational Training are merged to one task: the complementing or rather the new construction of a recreation hall and eight classrooms replacing the existing pavilions as well as the reactivation of existing sports areas.
location: Karstenstraße 22, 22587 Hamburg-Blankenese
building contractor: Behörde für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt, Hamburg (Hamburg Department for Urban Development and the Environment)
structural planning: Ingenieurbüro Dr. Binnewies, Hamburg
building services: Ingenieurgesellschaft Ridder & Meyn mbH, Hamburg
outdoor facilities: Zeitnitz und Groth Landschaftsarchitekten, Hamburg
noise insulation / room acoustics: Taubert und Ruhe GmbH Beratende Ingenieure VBI, Halstenbek
construction / material: reinforced concrete, glass aluminium facades
completed: 08/2012

BRT Architekten LLP, Hamburg
Gorch Fock Primary School

The draft and its urban development concept follows the genuine concepts for the extension of the existing building from the 1920s and its interaction with premium landscape areas and elements. According to this, future extensions should be carried out as a southward elongation and should be connected with central staircase buildings. This idea was analogously implemented by converting one part of the paved schoolyard into a recreation hall which at the south side connects to the central stairwell of the old building. In a second annex ring those parts of the building, in which the eight classrooms are situated, are designed as a kind of sports ground construction and are incorporated into and above the storey-high “Wall“ (former rampart) like a grand stand. The old school building gets a new counterpart of almost identical ground-plan area. The new building is designed to appear a little lighter and more dainty but nevertheless makes for a vivid spatial transit to the superior level of the sports ground. Spatially integrated in this way, the lavish sports and play area can become an equivalent part of everyday school life and of the group of buildings. Being a connecting element of the old and new school components, the recreation hall serves as the new architectural middle and the future heart of the Gorch Fock School.


BRT Architekten LLP, Hamburg
Gorch Fock Primary School

With its annex the Gorch Fock School represents in the most true sense of the word the positive development of paedagogy and its constructional implementation. In relation to the central stairwell the new cubage was axially attached to the existing building from 1929. The old building was strictly symmetrical and architecturally of high quality, but it was lacking in open spaces that could freely be used by the pupils for various purposes. The intervention of the architects complies with concepts of contemporary classrooms: School is not any more a rigid educational establishment, but a place where individuality in thinking and acting should be promoted, even by supplying the appropriate space that is necessary for this. The architectural realisation of this educational approach becomes manifest in the concept and inner structuring of the new building. Spacious, semi-public areas, encouraging activity and communication, are created and bright classrooms are directly connected with the open air recreation area. Through the use of mounting the draft allows for various spatial sequences and views indoors as well as outdoors. It offers open, yet at the same time sheltered communicative areas. The annex construction of the Gorch Fock School shows that economic constraints will hopefully not put a sudden end to the further development of school construction in Germany. The concept of this construction is called “Space Is the Third Teacher“ and we hope that there will be many more constructions of the same high quality following this concept.

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