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BRT Architekten LLP, Hamburg
„Tanzende Türme“ (Dancing Towers) Reeperbahn 1

construction project: construction of an office building, a hotel, catering trade, a music club
location: Reeperbahn 1, 20359 Hamburg-St. Pauli
building contractor: Strabag Real Estate GmbH, Hamburg
structural planning: Ed. Züblin AG, Zentrale Technik, Hamburg
building services for the towers: Pinck Ing. Consulting GmbH, Hamburg
building services for the hotel: HKP Ing. GmbH, Hamburg
energy concept + facades: DS-Plan GmbH, Stuttgart
open space planning: H. O. Dieter Schoppe, Hamburg
construction / material: Tanzende Türme (Dancing Towers): reinforced concrete, glass-aluminium facades; hotel: reinforced concrete, structural-glazing windows, rear-ventilated glass cladding
completed: Tanzende Türme (Dancing Towers) 08/2012, hotel „Arcotel Onyx“ 06/2012


BRT Architekten LLP, Hamburg
„Tanzende Türme“ (Dancing Towers) Reeperbahn 1

The project ”Tanzende Türme“ (Dancing Towers) is located in an exceedingly exposed urban setting. As an entrance to the St. Pauli city district the towers mark the gateway to the world-famous boulevard Reeperbahn. The main idea of the architectural plan is to develop an expressive structure that is able to match the heterogeneous surroundings and its supra-regional relevance. The building complex is established as a landmark by its segmentation into two different constructions: an 8-storeyed hotel building and a pair of high-rises reaching up to 24 storeys on Reeperbahn. The agility of the location is reflected in the design of the pair of high-rises. The two towers seem to be dancing and thus portrait the delight of being in motion. This powerful image makes them an urban solitaire that helps to establish the identity of the location.


BRT Architekten LLP, Hamburg
„Tanzende Türme“ (Dancing Towers) Reeperbahn 1

Designed as a dominant element of Hamburg urban architecture the ”Tanzende Türme“ (Dancing Towers) are an effective entrance to Hamburgs world-famous amusement boulevard, the Reeperbahn. With its leaning look the reinforced-concrete-glass-aluminium construction gives the impression of a dancing couple and thus the architectural design refers to the various forms of entertainment offered by this district. The construction serves as an appropriate icon for this special location. With these two towers and the adjacent hotel building the architects have set up a new landmark in the St. Pauli district – a landmark with the vitality to establish identity. The mixed use of the interiors also derives from this special location and its purpose: Reeperbahn-related use of the ground floor, an iconic music club on the lower basement and offices on the upper floors. Again with regards to the special location the rooftop of the southern tower is open to the general public.


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