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Florian Fischötter Architekt, Hamburg
Metropolis House

construction project: construction of an office and commercial building as well as the reconstruction of the heritage-protected Metropolis Cinema
location: Dammtorstraße 30, 20354 Hamburg-Neustadt
building contractor: Am Opernboulevard GmbH & Co. KG, Hochtief Projektentwicklung, Norddeutsche Grundvermögen, Hamburg
site management: Höhler + Partner, Architekten und Ingenieure, Aachen, Hamburg
management of building services equipment: Winter, beratende Ingenieure für Gebäudetechnik, Hamburg
structural physics: ITA Ingenieursgesellschaft für technische Akustik WEIMAR MBH, Weimar-Legefeld
preservation of historic buildings and monuments: Nüthen Restaurierungen GmbH + Co. KG, Hamburg
facade planning: Kucharzak Fassaden Engineering, Berlin
statics: Weber-Poll, Ingenieurbüro für Bauwesen GbR, Hamburg
building services equipment: Climaplan GmbH, Ingenieure für Versorgungstechnik, München; Heinze Stockfisch Grabis + Partner GmbH, Beratende Ingenieure für Gebäudetechnik, Hamburg
construction / material: precast concrete skeleton construction with curtain brick elements, ceiling strips made of fibre glass cement, aluminium post-and-beam construction
completed: 11/2011

Florian Fischötter Architekt, Hamburg
Metropolis House

The 7 to 9-storey commercial building harmoniously blends in with the delicate urban setting. It corresponds well with the historical opera building from the 1950s  as well as with its adjacent buildings of dark brick as there are for example the building of the fiscal authority and the “Deutschlandhaus“. With its dark colour the facade stays in the background compared to the colour of the opera house and on the one hand has a transparent design to have a maximum amount of daylight enter into the building. On the other hand the curtain brick elements and ceiling strips made of fair-faced concrete provide the facade with a distinct materiality that can be interpreted as a memento of the location and its historical urban setting. The brick elements are a new development as the bricks are hung on a steel construction in a planar manner and with open joints to allow air flow. The heritage-protected Metropolis Cinema, after which the building was named, was reconstructed at the basements.

Florian Fischötter Architekt, Hamburg
Metropolis House

With its dark brick facades the Metropolis House right next to the state opera house on Dammtorstraße is designed as a part of the historic Gänsemarkt neighbourhood and thus stresses the solitaire character of the adjacent state opera house. It owes its quality to this cautious urban design which refuses to compete with the solitaire appearance of the state opera house. Still, its elegant and detailed facade design is captivating. The brick cladding with its open joints is skillfully used as a kind of “brise soleil“-system and hides the ventilation louvers. Thus the other glass surfaces do not need to be equipped with any ventilating units. The original auditorium of the Metropolis Cinema was turned through 90 degrees and reconstructed – a fact which may raise some controversy amongst curators of historic buildings for sure. But all in all, the project is a good example of how moderateness, innovation and sensitivity in urban positioning can result in a harmonious composition.

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