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nps tchoban voss, Hamburg
Residential Building Pacamara

construction project: construction of a residential and commercial building with 89 residential units and commercial areas on the ground floor; privately financed construction of rental housing
location: Singapurstraße / Überseeboulevard, 20547 Hamburg-HafenCity
building contractor: Überseequartier Beteiligungs GmbH, Hamburg
project management: ALBA – BauProjektManagement GmbH, Hamburg branch
statics: DBN Planungsgruppe Dröge Baade Nagaraj, Salzgitter
building services: Ingenieurgesellschaft Ridder – Meyn – Nuckel, Norderstedt
construction supervision: Höhler + Partner, Hamburg
fire prevention: hhp, Berlin
structural physics: ITA – Ingenieurgesellschaft – Wiesbaden
construction / material: reinforced concrete solid construction, facing brick shell, ETICS (external thermal insulation composite systems) inside the courtyard, wood-aluminium windows, aluminium post-and-beam construction on the ground floor
completed: 09/2010


nps tchoban voss, Hamburg
Residential Building Pacamara

Two structures are built around a courtyard thus forming a perimeter wall. The court is situated 2 metres above the exterior ground-level and thus becomes a protected, semi-public kind of dwelling mound. Three openings link the court with the public space: A cleft at the west side divides the building so that the courtyard can be accessed from the street level via a spacious perron. Above the base area a 4-storey opening unfolds towards the boulevard. With its urban balcony right above the boulevard it allows for a view of the city and links the building to the urban area. On the north side facing an office building this feature reoccurs, this time ranging over 3 storeys. The roof-edges of the block with their dynamic design are ascending towards the northwest and in the southeast towards the square in front of the old port authority building. The facades display the different ground plans of the flats ranging from maisonette and town house flats to single-floor apartments. Deeply carved out loggias and bays create a structural building. The compact construction displays a clear, objective architectural statement, the materiality changes in a traditional manner: While the rough brick facade at the outside walls of the complex facing the street corresponds with the near by warehouse district, the walls facing towards the courtyard are surfaced with a finer, lighter plaster.


nps tchoban voss, Hamburg
Residential Building Pacamara

The residential and commercial building complies with the urban development concept of giving fresh impetus to and partially revitalising the established intra-urban building structure.  In a confident and individual way the construction blends in with the given context. The applied perimeter development is structured by a smart mixture of open and closed spaces. The draft tackles the transit from public urban space to semi-public courtyard and to the private areas of the apartments. Situated approximately 2 metres above the exterior ground-level the courtyard serves as a retreat area with apartment related open spaces. Its three openings provide a permeable zone of communication focusing on the surrounding urban development. Stores and small businesses occupying the ground floor areas make the neighbourhood more vibrant. Addressing the residents’ different needs and personal circumstances the 89 residential units come in three configurations: maisonette, town house and single-floor apartment. The facade is outlined according to the inner structure of the different types of apartments which thus becomes evident also in the outward appearance of the building. Serving as a dominating element the white plaster applied on the facades facing the courtyard is also used on the facades facing towards the public area. Here, it marks – in combination with the locally characteristic bricks – the alignment of the residential units. An absolutely successful statement concerning contemporary residential construction!

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