About the Prize

The BDA Hamburg Prize for Architecture is administered by the Association of German Architects BDA Hamburg (Bund Deutscher Architekten und Architektinnen BDA Hamburg). Every two years since 1996 the prize has been awarded to buildings in the region of Hamburg and their architects. The planning and construction of these buildings excel in an outstanding quality regarding social and environmental concerns.
In 2012, 86 entries were submitted for the years of construction 2010 to 2012. The independent jury awarded three equal winners the first prize, four equal winners the second prize, five equal winners the third prize and it selected 23 buildings to receive a citation. The recipients of all prizes and citations and their works are presented in a catalogue, in an exhibition and on the website.
In 2012, for the fourth time and coinciding with the BDA Hamburg Prize for Architecture competition the BDA Hamburg together with the daily newspaper “Die WELT“ also awarded the Audience Prize for Architecture. The readers of “Die WELT“ and its weekend edition “WELT am SONNTAG“ selected their favourite among seven buildings. In this manner three prizes were awarded.
The prizes are intended to enhance and encourage the public awareness of sophisticated planning and constructing and to set quality standards in contemporary architecture. They are jointly awarded to architects and building contractors. The winners are presented with a certificate. In addition, their works are on display at an exhibition, in a catalogue and on the website. No prize money is granted.
Entry to the BDA Prize competition is open to architects – if applicable together with their building contractors – whose buildings are situated in Greater Hamburg. The construction of the buildings must have been finished within the past two years.
Third parties (for example building and planning authorities, university professors of architecture and planning, et al.) are also entitled to propose or to advert to buildings worthy of distinction. The architects of the proposed buildings will then be asked by the BDA Hamburg to enter the competition. The BDA Hamburg itself may propose qualifying buildings and then request the necessary data.

The independent jury determines which of the qualifying buildings will be allowed entry to the competition for the Audience Prize for Architecture. This year, the seven winners of the first and second prizes of the BDA Hamburg Prize for Architecture competition have been nominated for the Audience Prize for Architecture.

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